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  • Program highlights from every age and stage.

  • Athletics, arts, clubs, and extracurriculars. See how students hone their God-given skills and become leaders in the classroom and beyond.

  • Tuition assistance options. Learn how families from many different income levels are able to afford a high-quality Christian education at TCA.
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Why Do Families Choose 
The Christian Academy ?

Family Feel

With 10 students in the average class, teachers know their students well and provide mentorship through the years. Families say TCA feels like a second home.  

Image of teacher smiling with young, elementary students.

Christ Centered

Biblical truth is woven into every subject area and students have weekly opportunities to worship. Our diverse student body represents over 80 churches.

An image of three high school students talking together.

College Ready

Personalized college counseling, dual enrollment opportunities, and AP classes equip students for the next step.

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"Our family loves TCA’s commitment to excellence and that it provides an environment that motivates learning through celebration of each student’s unique gifts. Your children grow up only once. Why not experience the best? 

- Ruth Brittain, parent of 3 TCA students

Why Do Families Choose The Christian Academy ?

  • The Christian Academy  |  4301 Chandler Drive, Brookhaven, PA 19015