Home School Partnership



We are excited to support and encourage our home school community. The Christian Academy (TCA) is dedicated to helping parents fulfill their God-given mandate to train their children for life, recognizing that parents may choose to customize their child’s education. Also, TCA desires that all students, full and part-time, have every opportunity to be a part of the school culture. For this reason, TCA encourages home school students to participate in school activities.

Home school students who are accepted into TCA will have the opportunity to take high school courses for credit.  Classes will be offered to any home school student who has a school-record or transcript that indicates that the student has met the prerequisites for the desired course.  A home school student may only take a maximum of three (3) classes per academic year.


TCA Home School Partnership

Course Availability

We offer classes as a supplement to what is offered at home. Students may take up to 3 classes individually. Home school students are welcome to enroll for any “elective” classes such as music, art, P.E., etc.  Interested homeschoolers must apply via the new student application.  After admission, the student will meet with the Academic Advisor to decide what courses they are interested in taking at TCA.  Depending on the course, certain admissions testing requirements or specific course pre-requisites may apply prior to registration.

Priority scheduling is given to full-time students, and seat availability will determine what courses are available to students in the Home School Partnership Program. For a list of all class offerings, go to

Home school students can enroll in 1-3 classes (3 maximum)

  • TCA reserves the right to determine eligibility for a class based on the age of a student
  • Admission into some classes may be based on admission testing
  • TCA reserves the right to deny participation in any course based on course enrollment

Fine Arts & Extra Curriculars

Our annual play or musical are some of the most popular activities of the year. With positions for actors, actresses, stagehands, set design, costuming, videography, photography, technical crew, and others, there is plenty of opportunity for students who want to participate. In addition, we have photography, art, choir, and yearbook which are available to home school students (some of these opportunities will be indicative of a successful tryout).

Students who are enrolled at TCA via the Home school Partnership will have the opportunity to participate in or receive the following benefits (some of these may have associated fees):

  • Mission Trips
  • Homecoming Activities
  • Prom
  • Clubs
  • Class Field Trips
  • School pictures
  • TCA transcript for credits earned
  • Standardized testing as offered by TCA

Admissions, Tuition & Fees

Admissions Process

  • Complete the application process (Application Fee $75)
  • Interview with Head of School or with our High School Principal
  • Upon acceptance, student and parent will meet with the Academic Advisor to determine the class schedule
  • Certain admissions testing or prerequisites may be required for certain courses
  • Classes assigned upon availability
  • Students are expected to be in TCA uniform while on campus

Tuition and Fees

  • $700 per academic course (History, English, Bible, Math, Science, Spanish)
  • $900 per dual enrollment and/or AP course (additional fees apply for AP test or dual enrollment credit)
  • Lab Fee ($100)
  • $400 – $600 for electives (e.g. dance, band, choir, photography, etc.)
  • $50 for yearbook (optional)
  • If a student chooses to walk with the graduating class, extra fees will apply



Home school students who complete a minimum of four (4) courses at TCA and have been a positive part of the school culture are invited to participate in our graduation ceremony.  Diplomas for home school students are not issued by TCA and home school students are not eligible for senior awards, salutatorian, or the valedictorian.  Certain fees are associated with graduation.


Expectations and Technology

Any student who is a participant in the TCA Home School Partnership Program must adhere to the policies and procedures in the TCA Student Handbook.

  • Any home school student who is taking multiple courses and has a period or more between classes will be scheduled into a study hall while waiting for the next class
  • Students must leave campus when he/she is done with classes
  • All students will be supervised while on the TCA campus
  • TCA Home School Partnership students will wear the approved school uniform and apparel
  • Students are expected to provide their own device.
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