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List of Forms on this page:
1.  Yearly Attendance
2.  Curriculum Inventory
3.  Goals
4.  Honors Night Form
5.  Team Survey Form
6.  Book Sale Info
7.  Eagles Co-op Registration Form
8.  CCA Science Fair Form

1.  Yearly Attendance Forms
(All Students)
Keeping an attendance record is required by the state of Alabama.  Each family must keep
this form and turn in a copy to their coordinator at Mid-year conferences in January and a
copy to their team leader by  May 31.  The form should be filled out by putting the day
number you are on in the boxes on the form, so you will have a running total of your days.
If you planned to teach a day and you or your child was sick, then you can take an absent
day (marked with an A).  If there is a death in the family or some other extenuating
circumstance such as moving, please contact the office and the Superintendent will
approve 2 excused days (marked with an EX).   If you need to take more days, you can
take them, but they will not count into the total required 180 days (just leave those boxes
blank).   You are also allowed 5 Teacher days per year (marked with a T), and 10 sick day
per semester,but they are only for sickness. All of your regular days, Teacher Days,
Excused days, and Sick days are added together to get your total 180 days.   If a
student has an extended illness, please contact the Superintendent, and she will work
with you on how to document your days. 

Please click here for the Yearly Attendance Form:


2.  Curriculum Inventory Form (Grades 1-8)
The Curriculum Inventory Form is filled out for students in grades one through eight and
is kept in the student's permanent file.  The inventory shows the curriculum used by the
student for each school year.  It is turned in at the August Parent Meeting at the beginning
of each year.  You can use our form or you can make  the form on your computer as long as
you include the same information: Student Name, Grade, Title of the Book, Grade Level,
Publisher.  If you are using a curriculum where students are reading a lot of outside literature,
(Example:  Sonlight)  you do not have to list all of the books required for that curriculum. 
Just list the curriculum itself and the grade level.  You should have something for English (Reading/Literature, Writing, Spelling/ Vocabulary), Mathematics, Science, and Social
Science.  If you are doing other subjects, please include those texts or resources as well.
For high school students, please see the High School section.

Click here for the Curriculum Inventory Form:   


3.  Goals
(Grades 1-8-First Year Only)
Parents of students in grades one through eight are required to set some long range goals the first year they are enrolled with CCA.  They are required to set goals for the following:
    Language Arts (Reading/LIterature, Spelling/Vocabulary, Writing)
    Social Science
Parents may use their computer to generate this form but must be sure to include the
required information such as the student's name, grade, and the current school year.

Click here for the Goals Form: 


4.  Honors Night Form
Each spring, CCA has an Honor's Night Program where parents can choose a subject
area where their student has excelled or shown improvement, and we will make a
certificate to give them at the ceremony that night.  We also have a reception after the
ceremony, and a Yearbook Autograph Party where students receive their yearbooks
and sign each others books.

Click here for the Honor's Night Form: 


5.  Team Survey Form
  Each spring families are asked to let us know if they want to stay on their current
team or make a change for the next school year.  They receive the Team Survey Form
in the school newsletter and can fill it out and return it at the April Parent Meeting. 
We also ask them to tell us about any field trips or activities that they liked or any that
they would like to have in the future.

Click here for the Team Planning Survey Form:  


6.  Booksale Info  (Will have more details in late March)
     CCA has a used book sale in the late spring/early summer time frame.  The sale is open
to non-CCA families as long as there is space.  Anyone who wants to sell in the used book
sale must pay $5 for one space and bring their own table. 

7.  Eagles Co-op Registration Form
     Any family who wishes to participate in the Co-op program must fill one of these forms
out and return it to the CCA office before the Mandatory Parent Meeting each semester.  The
CCA Eagles Co-op meets on Mondays from 9:30-1:30.  Parents take turns teaching
(usually 3 times a semester) and then they have the other Mondays free that semester.
Two parents are assigned to each class level each week and topics are given out at the
beginning of each semester so parents can prepare. 

8.  CCA Science Fair Form
Any student who wishes to participate in the CCA Science Fair must fill out a form and
return it to the CCA office in early February.  Students in K-3 must do a poster on the theme
for the year and students in grades 4 and up must do a project on any topic they choose. 

Poster Form

Project Form