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Our Motto:  Equipping Parents in Educating their Children to Pursue their Godly Destiny.

If you are thinking about home schooling and desire a Christian environment for your children, CCA is the place for you. Thinking about taking on the task of educating your children can be daunting, but we believe that no one is better qualified than you. You taught them for the first 5-6 years of their lives, and you can teach them now!   Our school provides the training, support, and guidance home school parents need to be successful from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our goal is to provide those resources and activities necessary to assist parents in achieving for their children a balanced education with an emphasis on character, excellence, and creativity.  Our parents make themselves accountable to trained and experienced teachers in order to achieve that goal. Our twelve-month program requires a minimum of 180 days of documented planning and instruction anytime during the 365 days of the year.  Families in CCA are all members of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) a national group of lawyers committed to defending families if their home education rights are threatened.   They watch the political scene to be sure that any laws that are passed do not inhibit home education in any way.
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Come join the ranks of those who are taking their children back from the secular humanism of the world, giving them a quality education, and preparing them to be the leaders of the next generation!!

The teachers in the school are the home schooling parents, who assume the primary responsibility for the education of their children. The parents choose and purchase a curriculum which is reviewed by the school staff.   Each family is assigned to a team of 12-18 families under a home school coordinator who works with families on academic issues. Parents are accountable to the school to maintain attendance records as well as lesson plans (or  daily journals) which are reviewed periodically. Parents also set academic and spiritual goals for their children and submit report cards twice a year reflecting each child's progress. CCA offers some classes in academics and extra-curricular activities as well that parents can take advantage of (see Activities Guide).


Covenant Christian Academy (CCA) requires the following of families seeking admission:
*Both parents must be Christians.
*Both should be faithful, active members in a church which has the Bible as its basic textbook for life.
*The primary teacher should not be employed full-time outside the home.
*Agreement must be reached by both parents that home education is the best choice for their family for the upcoming year

The Teachers


Covenant Christian Academy (CCA) is a ministry of The Rock Family Worship Center, whose pastors, along with the school superintendent and School Board, form the governing body of the school. The School  Board consists of  experienced school families who have displayed leadership skills, both in the home and in school activities. The board meets as needed to set school policies regarding staffing, family admissions, finances, graduation requirements and disciplinary measures.